The eleventh month reminds us of the eleventh hour. It is that critical moment when it is becoming completely late: things are getting out of control, you are under pressure, and you are now in haste to beat the deadline. The velocity at which the clock ticks seems to have doubled. You feel like drawing back the hands of time but you remember that would amount to self-deception; you can’t stop time even if you stop your wristwatch.

At this moment, many grapple with undelivered expectations, failed projects, disappointments, unfulfilled dreams, regrets and the likes. Most people couldn’t hit their goals, beat deadlines or keep their resolutions. The visions they saw at the beginning of the year may no longer materialize. It is late; we are in the eleventh month already.

The tendency then is to resort to fate. What’s the point in trying, hoping or expecting something to happen? One may quietly begin to think, “If it didn’t happen from January till now, what’s the probability that it will happen in just about two months to go?” One may already be planning for the coming year; postponing projects that ought to be accomplished this year. You are saying, “I’ll try it again next year. I will trust God for it again by January 2018.” Like the virgins, you’ve waited for the groom all year and you’re already falling asleep.

Most of the time, the defining moment in a race is just before the finishing line. Athletes know that a little effort put into the race towards the end can outwit the competitor and make all the difference.

This is what God wants you to do this month in this edition of the Working Word. This remaining days can make all the difference for you this year. Download your copy here and feel free to share with friends.

It is a sumptuous repast!


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