With increasing years, there will be increasing demands. I do not think that time will come when life will be less busy. As we grow, more responsibilities will be placed on us. The onus is on us to grow up and rise up to the challenge; to develop the capacity required to meet up with the increasing demands.

Unfortunately, most of us are not ready for the breakthrough we have been praying for. Without adequate preparation, a breakthrough can lead to a total breakdown. What God did for you may sink you in the sea of life.

If you read Luke 5:1-11, you will understand what I am saying. Peter and his partners had toiled all night and caught nothing. They were washing their nets when Jesus showed up in the morning. Washing the nets means they were closing for the day. There was no more possibility of catching any fish. 

Let me quickly drop this – don’t wash your net yet for God is about to show up. It doesn’t matter if you have failed several times. You may even have toiled all night and caught nothing but it doesn’t mean it is too late for God to turn things around. The hour may seem odd but God is not limited by time. Don’t give up!

Don't wash your net yet for God is about to show up. It doesn't matter if you have failed several times. You may even have toiled all night and caught nothing but it doesn't mean it is too late for God to turn things around. Click To Tweet

Peter was at first reluctant because Jesus had just given a bizarre instruction. No one catches fishes in the day but he obeyed anyway. He let down his net.

“And when they had done this, they caught a great number of fish and their net was breaking. So they signalled to their partners in the other boats to come and help them. And they came and filled the boats so that they began to sink.” Luke 5:6-7

Please take note that they didn’t catch the great number of fish until “they had done this.” In other words, adherence to divine instruction is the key to unprecedented breakthrough.

Adherence to divine instruction is the key to unprecedented breakthrough. Click To Tweet

Remember, the sea didn’t part until Moses stretched forth his rod as commanded by God. The oil was not multiplied until the widow went and borrowed vessels from neighbours, shut the door with her son and began to pour it as commanded by the prophet. The water didn’t become wine until the servants filled the water pots and took some to the master of the ceremony.

Each of this breakthrough and many more in the scripture came on the wings of a divine instruction. Perhaps, you haven’t experienced your miracle because there is an instruction you haven’t obeyed.

We command divine attention and blessings when we do what He commands. Click To Tweet

No wonder, the mother of Jesus told the servants to do whatsoever Jesus asked them to do.

You are an instruction away from your miracle. Find out what God wants you to do and unlock your long-awaited blessings.

But what actually caught my fancy in Peter and his partners’ experience is that this breakthrough from Jesus was breaking their net and sinking their boats. God’s blessing was threatening their lives. 

The demands and the responsibilities of a new phase of life can make one sink if capacity has not been developed to handle it. Click To Tweet

It is not uncommon to hear people complain about how they have been sinking spiritually since they got married or got a new appointment. The professional breakthrough that some people got is the reason they are sinking. 

There are people whose marriage is now sinking because of the demands of their career. They no longer have time for their spouses and children. It was a breakthrough from God but this breakthrough is now taking a toll on the marriage.

For some, it is the demand and responsibility of ministry that is affecting their homes. When the ministry was small, all was going well but now the boat of the marriage is sinking because of the great catch in the ministry.

Just imagine that Peter and his partners sank in the sea because of the breakthrough that came as a result of what Jesus said to them. And this is what is happening to many. Many boats are sinking because of the blessings they received from God. The brother has lost his passion for God since he got the new job. He still goes to church but he knows that he has lost his spiritual vitality. He is now too busy to spend quality time with God. So many marriages are sinking because of the other breakthroughs in the home. There are men who no longer find their wives beautiful because they now have a lot of money.

As small as a smartphone is, it can become the reason why you begin to sink. When you didn’t have a smartphone you were never addicted to social media or the internet. There was no temptation to watch ungodly movies but now the breakthrough has come and you are sinking. You waste your precious time and resources on the phone; you spend more time with the phone than you spend with God consuming ungodly contents. The phone that was meant to be a tool is now a toy and a trap. 

The breaking of the net is an indication of the lack of capacity to handle the breakthrough. This is why the time to prepare for a breakthrough is not when it comes.

The time to prepare for a breakthrough is not when it comes. Click To Tweet

While we wait, it is better to invest in capacity development for the coming breakthrough.

We shouldn’t just be praying for promotion or breakthrough. It is not just about changing status, it is about developing capacity. A new level implies greater and heavier responsibilities. It will reveal your weakness.

Your net may tear and your boat may sink if you’re not prepared. This was what happened to Peter and his partners; their boats were sinking.

Meanwhile, in verse 11 the Bible told us that they brought their boats to land. In other words, they didn’t sink in the sea as envisaged.  Somehow they were able to get the boat and the fish to land. Maybe God gave them some supernatural strength or as a result of their experience as skilled fishermen but the point is their boats were brought to land.

Take note that it was all the boats. None of the boats sank. They were all brought to land with the fishes. This is God’s word to you this month – all your boats shall be brought to land. None of them shall sink. 

You don’t have to lose one to maintain one. All your boats can be brought to land with fishes.

Every aspect of your life can experience peace and rest. You won’t have a thriving business or career while your marriage is sinking. You won’t be celebrating your breakthrough in ministry while you are dying spiritually. You won’t be an anointed minister while you are sinking financially. You won’t have wayward children or a worldly wife though you are a successful professional. You won’t be a brilliant but sinning student or a spiritual but dumb student. You will bring all your boats to land. None of them will sink on the sea of life.

I see God giving you the capacity and the wisdom to handle every responsibility that comes with every breakthrough in your life. There will be grace for excellent delivery in every aspect of your life. People will wonder how you could seamlessly combine different responsibilities without failing in any.  

Maybe your marriage, your business, your career or spiritual life is sinking right now, I see God coming to your aid. I see God coming to intervene; helping you to bring all your boats to land full of fishes. You won’t sink under the pressure of academics, marriage, career and ministry.

The Lord that came to rescue of Peter when he was sinking is coming to your rescue this month. All you need to do is cry out to Him like Peter. When he saw that he was sinking, he cried out, “Lord save me!”

He wants you to bring all your boats to land. You can have every area of your life doing well.

WARNING: Boats are meant for catching fish not for catching fun. There are so many fishes (souls) lost in the sea of life that God wants to catch. There is a reason God gave you that job, business, home and ministry. Find a way of connecting your boats – academics, business, career profession, finance, ministry – with the purpose of God. This is the ultimate reason why the breakthrough is coming your way.

Boats are meant for catching fish not for catching fun. Find a way of connecting your boats - academics, business, career profession, finance, ministry - with the purpose of God. Click To Tweet

Peter got that breakthrough after releasing his boat to Jesus to reach out to men. Even after the breakthrough, he left his boat and followed Jesus. If you are committed to His purpose, you won’t have to toil to find fishes in life. God will also ensure that none of your boats sinks.

May you receive grace and capacity to bring all your boats to land this month. May the hand of the Lord reach out to you in any aspect of your life where you may be sinking.

It’s a month of unprecedented breakthrough!

Happy November!

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  1. Thank you friend for this great pieces, I am highly blessed. All my boats will come to safe landing. Your hands and heart are blessed friends.

    1. Thank you too for taking time to read and for leaving your comment. I am blessed you are blessed too. I say Amen to your prayers.

  2. Kehinde A. Bolutife says: Reply

    This is Word from the Throne of Grace! May your heart continually find lights; may your hands continually find expressions! More grace, servant of God!

    1. Thank you sir. I say Amen to the prayers.

  3. Thanks for sharing sir. I particularly like the reminder that boats are meant for catching fish, and not fun. We often forget that truth.

    1. Thank you for your feedback… Most of us now catch fun instead of catching fish. We rest on our oars once we get the boats.

  4. Thanks for this sir. The part of connecting your boats got me. May God help us to be a balanced Christian.

    1. You are welcome ma’am! Most of us aren’t intentional about connecting our boats with His purpose… Amen to your prayer.

  5. Gbenro Titilope says: Reply

    The time to prepare is not when the breakthrough comes. I’m blessed by the piece sir. God bless you too

    1. Amen. Thank God you are blessed.

  6. Adeleke Adeniyi says: Reply

    I am so BLESSED, in capital block letters!!!
    This oil is for the nations.
    More grace sir.

    1. Amen!Thank for your feedback. Thank you, sir.

  7. I’m always blessed reading any post from you. I was feeling depressed and depression itself enveloping me. I’m strengthened in Jesus name. Thanks a lot.

    1. Amazing! You will never experience depression again in Jesus name. Thank God you are strengthened.

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