Did you remember the Israelites in Egypt?

Through Joseph, they relocated to Egypt but as time went on and they grew in number, they became slaves to their host – the Egyptians.

The grip of the Egyptians and Pharaoh was so strong on the Israelites. No one could have thought they would ever be released. Except by the mighty hand of God, nothing could have been able to take them out of Egypt.

God had said it would take a strong hand for Israel to go.

Israel went through a cruel and gruesome treatment in Egypt. There was a time all male kids were killed because Israelites were multiplying despite their bondage. It’s why some people still look fresh while suffering. There was also a time they were not equipped to work yet they were expected to deliver what they used to do with tools.  This continued for four hundred years.

The unfortunate thing was that the Israelites also have gotten so used to slavery such that they didn’t want to go even when freedom came.

People become content with oppression with prolonged subjection and subjugation. Click To Tweet

The oppression of the Israelites was in three dimensions and these are also the three dimensions of deliverance God wanted to give them. God also wants us to experience emancipation in these dimensions. If you don’t experience the three, your deliverance is not total and thorough.

  1. Spiritual Emancipation.

The Israelites were spiritually oppressed. The worship of Egyptian gods makes the environment inappropriate for serving the living God. This is why they had to go out of Egypt. God wanted them to leave Egypt so they can go and hold a feast and worship Him in the wilderness. The atmosphere of Egypt was not conducive for their spiritual development. As long as they were there, they cannot become the kind of people God wants them to be.

God wants you too to have spiritual emancipation this new year.

Nothing manifests in the physical which was not first settled in the spirit. Without a spiritual exodus, there cannot be physical progress, no matter how you try. What you do in the physical can only produce a result when the battle has been won spiritually.

Perhaps what you really need to address first is your spiritual condition.

Nothing manifests in the physical which was not first settled in the spirit. Without a spiritual exodus, there cannot be physical progress, no matter how you try. Click To Tweet

God has more for you in the New Year. There are levels in God you have not experienced. They are joys in God you have not known. Your current spiritual level is far below the heights God wants to take you to. It is time to leave here and move to the next phase of your spiritual experience. You need to break free from that spirit of satisfaction and ease that makes you think you have arrived.

Your current spiritual experience is a kind of captivity, no matter how lofty, compared to what God has in store for you.

This is why you need to emancipate. You cannot afford to remain the same spiritually.

What you do in the physical can only produce a result when the battle has been won spiritually. Click To Tweet
  1. Psychological Emancipation.

Psychological oppression seems to be the greatest kind of oppression. Spiritual deliverance, in my opinion, is easier than psychological deliverance. Spiritual deliverance happens in a moment but psychological deliverance might take time depending on the captive. Some people have been delivered spiritually but they are not seeing the evidence of that deliverance because they are still psychologically enslaved.

In prophecy, the Israelites were meant to spend 400 years in Egypt (Genesis 15:13-16) but in reality, they spent 430 years (Exodus 12:40). The extra 30 years might be partly due to the fact that they needed time to be psychologically aware that it was time to leave. They saw Moses as someone who came to increase their oppression. Even after they have physically left Egypt, they were not completely delivered mentally. Egypt was still in their minds. They often remembered and referred to all the foods they ate in Egypt.

If you will be truly free in 2019, you have to seek psychological emancipation. You have to be renewed in your mind. You need a thought revolution.

You need a complete paradigm shift.

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It could be that the hindrance to your miracle is your belief system; things you have imbibed from our culture and background.

It is time to overhaul them. It is time to completely question the things you believe by the word of God.

Romans 12:2 says we are transformed by the renewing of our minds.

Knock out old and stale thoughts by new and fresh ideas from God. Feed on God’s word. Gormandize on spiritual books until your thoughts align with God’s thoughts concerning you.

  1. Physical Emancipation:

The Israelites were also physically oppressed. They were subjected to hard and cruel labour. They were even killed. God had to take them out of that place of oppression. This is the third kind of emancipation you need to experience.

For most people, the place they live in is too small. They need to change accommodation. You need to leave that one room and move into a flat. It is time to change jobs. It is time to leave your father’s house into your own. For some, physical emancipation would mean a change of status – from bachelor to husband, from spinster to wife.

For others, they will become fathers and mothers because there is emancipation.

God is releasing you from that situation that has held you down for long by His mighty hand. You are released into a better and higher phase of your life in Jesus name.

Egypt was the world power at the time; no nation of the world could have been able to rescue them. It took ten plagues (including the killing of Egyptians’ firstborns) for Israel to leave. Even then, Pharaoh and his army pursued them after they had gone. They didn’t want them to go.

Jeremiah 50:33-34 says,

“Thus says the Lord of hosts: “The children of Israel were oppressed, along with the children of Judah; all who took them captive have held them fast; they have refused to let them go. Their Redeemer is strong; the Lord of hosts is His name. He will thoroughly plead their case, that He may give rest to the land, and disquiet the inhabitants of Babylon.” NKJV.

Friend, your Redeemer is strong. He is stronger than any condition that has held you down. He is stronger than your addiction, stronger than your sins, stronger than your loneliness, stronger than your lack, stronger than unemployment, stronger than your sicknesses and diseases. He is stronger than barrenness. Your Redeemer is strong. He broke the hold of Pharaoh on the Israelites; He will break every hold of evil over your life.

Take note of how God introduced Himself, “The Lord of hosts” i.e. the Leader of Heaven’s Army. He is taking over the battles of your life until you are released. He will thoroughly and completely plead your course. Your case will be settled this year. It’s your season of emancipation into the next phase of your life. You cannot remain at this level again because God is passionately committed to your release.

As I meditate on these things, I remember a post I saw on the social media recently about the significance of 2019 to the black race especially Africans. The first set of Africans stepped in Virginia in August 1619 and that marked the beginning of slavery in the world for Africans. This is the 400th year and just like the Israelites, it is time for our exodus; our complete release from spiritual, psychological and physical slavery.

Nigeria will also be transiting to a new government in 2019. I believe it is going to be emancipation into a new Nigeria. God is going to release Nigeria from the jaws of corruption, nepotism, terrorism and injustice because her Redeemer is strong. He is stronger than powers and principalities; stronger than all the cabals and forces of evil that held us bound.

Nigeria is a type of Israel in Egypt and our greatest form of enslavement is psychological enslavement. It is so ingrained in our thinking to the extent that people do not believe we can have a new Nigeria. This is the kind of thing that happens when a nation has been constantly raped by incompetent leaders.

But I believe our season has come. It is time for an exodus. We will be released because our Redeemer is stronger than every force militating against us.

Friend, this is your season and I congratulate you. Yes, it seems God has been weak over that case for a long time but God will prove to you this year that He is strong. He is stronger than that stubborn situation. You will be released into the fullness of God’s plan and purposes for your life this year. Just believe God’s word because it works when all things fail.

Happy New Year!

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4 Replies to “EMANCIPATION – JANUARY 2019”

  1. Thank you for a great start into the year sir. May we cooperate with God for all He has planned for us as individuals and groups of people to come into fruition. Amen.

    1. Amen. Thank you too for taking out time to read and for leaving a comment.

  2. Gbenro Titilope says: Reply

    I cannot enter my promised land with the mentality of Egypt… Words on marble

    Thanks for this great message sir

    1. Thank God and thank you for reading and the feedback.

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