Give me love!
For love is not mine to command.
Let love flames be reignited in me.
Shed it abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit.
Give me love!
For love is not superficial;
The euphoric feelings that come with the sight of butts and boobs.
But disappears after the lust is fulfilled.
Give me love!
For true love is scarce.
Many profess to love but very few practices
The real essence and actions of love.
Give me love!
For spouse, family and friends.
Help me to know that marriage is not a contract,
But a commitment to stay, work and make it work.
Give me love!
You are Love and the Giver of love.
In giving Your only begotten,
You revealed the unconditional nature of love.
Give me love!
For I long to be an expression of Your love.
To a hurting and dying world,
Whose healing comes on the wings of love.
Give me love!
For I don’t feel like loving all the time.
Heal me of hate, lust, anger, and unforgiveness.
Including all evil emotions that hinders love.
Come, have love!
You hurting and heartbroken.
You’ve had enough to know it’s not found in men.
Come, oh come, to the Lover of your soul.
Note: This poem was first published in His Light Towers Magazine.

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