‘Cos it seems You’re far away.

Tho’ You’re with me always;

Something in me keeps You away.

Lord, have Your way!

Take away all that keeps You at bay.

Let the lusts of my heart be frayed,

As I reflect Your glory’s ray.

Lord, have Your way,

I am sick of sending You away

Come today and come to stay

This is my heart cry today.


Lord, have Your way,

Teach me the price to pay

Teach me also the flesh to flay

And guide me along the Way.


Lord, have Your way,

Keep my feet from going astray

In the midst of crossroads and byways

You remain the Way.


Lord, have Your way,

Teach me to sup daily from Thy tray

While others eat the hay

May I obtain fresh Bread today.


Lord, have Your way,

The highway is deserted in the land today

Revive and rouse us to pray

Until we see the dawning of a new day.


Lord, I give you the way

I promise You’ll always have a say

And may I be ready on that day

When You shall come and take me away.



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  1. Amen

    1. And Amen!

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