It’s a new year since we are still in January! Most people welcome a new year with great excitement and enthusiasm. Goals, resolutions, prophecies, and promises from God give us the gusto to face the year with great confidence. There is the renewed hope that the dawn of a new year will herald new things into our lives.

Unfortunately, Bisi is not excited rather she is depressed. She is afraid 2018 will eventually end up like every other year she has lived. Having gone through vicious cycles of defeat, disappointment and dashed hopes year after year despite resolutions, plans, goals, promises and prophecies she had often made and received for each New Year. Of course, she has plans for 2018 but she is not just excited. She has been trying to find that missing link between receiving prophecy and seeing its fulfillment. Bisi is not just desperate about receiving a word for the year; she wants answers, evidences and proofs.

This edition of The Working Word presents you with that missing link. This is of course a prophetic bulletin. So, it is not just about what you have to do but what God is committed to do for you this new year. All you need to do is believe. His word works if you believe.

We send this out praying that every aspect of your life will take the require shape. There shall be orderliness in Jesus name and your life will reveal His glory.

Download your copy here or follow the link below.

ORDER - THE WORKING WORD (JANUARY 2018) (562 downloads)

God bless you.


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