No other moment in life really make us feel blue than when we have to be ripped apart from our loved ones by life circumstances. We feel low, miserable and depressed. Some will cry when they think about how they will miss the moments – from touching to awesome memories and from funny pranks to happy smiles – they shared with their departing friends.

The disciples came to such a moment. Jesus will be leaving very soon. He told them, “In a little while you won’t see me anymore…” (John 16:16NLT)

He will soon be arrested and crucified and then He will resurrect and ascend back to heaven to the Father. The apostles were distressed wondering what was going to be their fate after His departure. While Jesus was with them, He was everything to them. He was their Lord and Savior. He healed them of sicknesses and diseases. He was their Defender from the Pharisees who wanted frustrating them. He taught them awesome things from the Word. He stilled the storms and the wind that could have capsized their boat on the sea.

Though they left their day jobs, they lacked nothing while He was with them. They were bountifully fed. They never had to fast because the Bridegroom was with them. They had parties and feasts. They saw raw miracles, signs and wonders performed by Him. He even raised the dead.

However, He was now telling them, “In a little while you won’t see me anymore…(John 16:16NLT)” In other words, they were going to miss all of these. They will have to, in a sense, fend for themselves and take responsibility henceforth for their lives. They will have to speak for themselves when next the Pharisees challenge them. They will have to find a way of getting themselves healed when next they feel sick. They will miss Him.

Jesus had to reassure them that whereas in a little while you won’t see me anymore but a little while after that, YOU WILL SEE ME AGAIN.

For most of us, the first part of Jesus’ statement has come to pass. There was a time in our lives when He was around. Everything was going on well for us – finance, marriage, academics, career, ministry, including our walk with God…

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God bless you.

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