David was about to die and he began to give his farewell speech. He was also putting his house in order so that Solomon would reign in peace. In the twenty-ninth verse of 1 Kings 1, David vowed to Bathsheba, “As the Lord lives, who has redeemed my life from every distress…”

David’s life was full of turbulences and distresses. I have often thought that the last-born would be pampered, but David’s case seems to be different. He faced trials and troubles right from a young age. While his brothers were at home, he was in the wilderness, facing bears and lions in order to keep the family’s flock safe. He seemed not to have been given so much regard because he was not even considered on the day a king was to be anointed.

David lived in caves, mountains, valleys, and crevices. He was always in danger of the sword or javelin of Saul as Saul spent the bulk of his life trying to kill him. There was a time when David was completely chased out of the territory of Israel and had to live with the Philistines, the enemies of Israel. He once acted weird, feigning madness just to escape death.

David was at a time a vagabond. His son, Absalom, wanted to overthrow him, so he had to leave the city. His life was simply full of numerous crises. God had to stop him from building the temple because of so much bloodshed from the different battles he fought.

But here was David giving us a testimony at the end of his life. He looked back and realized that the Lord had been faithful despite the crises he experienced. He said, “The Lord has redeemed my life from every distress”.

David is a witness to the fact that God has the ability to redeem our lives from every challenge we may be facing. What distress are you going through right now? Financial, marital, or health-wise?

This month, God wants to give you an important reminder especially if you have been trusting Him for a thing or more and it has been delayed. You will receive the fortitude to hold on to God’s promises because your redemption is nearer than you have ever thought.

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